Added Value Negotiating: The Breakthrough Method for Building Balanced Deals

Skillful negotiating doesn’t mean someone has to lose. By adopting an entirely different ethical stance, it is possible to leave behind psychologically primitive attitudes and their accompanying tactics, and approach negotiating from the standpoint of adding value. Added Value Negotiating presents a breakthrough method for negotiating that eliminates many of the problems of conventional negotiating approaches. This book teaches you a noncombative, five-step method for focusing on interests, developing options, and creating deals that will benefit everyone involved. By completely avoiding the traditional offer/counteroffer psychology, Added Value Negotiating takes an innovative approach to balancing the value in a deal. The authors show you how to put value up front and eliminate the demands and concessions that usually make a negotiation stressful. This unique approach to negotiating applies to people involved in all kinds of negotiating, not just buying and selling, price-only deals; offers an up-front, honest, transparent cards-on-the-table approach; keeps people in their comfort zone; eliminates one-upmanship; and offers a step-by-step method for guiding any negotiating process, large or small. One of the features that makes Added Value Negotiating so different from the standard win-lose or even so-called win-win negotiating is the concept of multiple deals. Instead of offering one deal and hoping to beat it into shape, Added Value Negotiating calls for the creation of multiple deal packages. By applying these principles in the framework of a simple five-step method and structuring the possibilities with two simple planning worksheets, it is possible to make your negotiations producemore fruitful results. At the same time, by adding value, you can build strong relationships of mutual respect and trust.

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