Barack Obama, Final Crisis, Locke & Key – Comic Book Reviews for 11/15/09

Today’s show has reviews for Barack Obama’s appearance in Amazing Spider-Man, Final Crisis #6, and Locke & Key: Head Games!

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  1. AintRealProductions says:

    I agree and how he wounded him too.
    and best part he’s not dead!

  2. AintRealProductions says:


  3. timeywimeylord says:

    I re-read Final Crisis and it is better when you read it all together, not as bad as I thought a couple months ago.

  4. deathpool209 says:

    Trust Me Guys, Final Crisis #7 Is The Most Confusing And Pointless Issue Of Them All…Lets Just Say Nothing Is Truly Accomplished In This Crisis; Except For Some Pretty Cool Heroes, Dying Very Lamely!

  5. jdbzkh says:

    I loved Final Crises I just think its iconic that a common criminal created Batman but it took a God to finally kill him. Not to mention the parallels of Joe chill a nobody holding a gun to the most powerful person in Gotham (aka Thomas Wayne) & Batman pretty much a nobody in the universe holding a gun to a God.

  6. masonTganes says:

    Boy I truly LOVE DC comics but the editorial has been horendous since 06.
    COUNTDOWN,the leadups, & now FINAL CRISIS have been not only BAD but an incoherent mess.

    FINAL CRISIS has some great scenes & concepts but the basic story telling is HORRIBLE!!! its totaly inexcuable.

    How can DILDO or MORONSON hold their heads up and be proud of the mess the DC universe has become thanks to them.
    LOL & readers thought the DCU was a mess before 1985…sheesh

  7. drock285 says:

    look at the final 3 page it Batman of Earth Prime…

  8. MenMoneyComics says:

    Hopefully, “Final Crisis” WILL be the final crisis. I’m sick of this crap being used to generate sales. It’s nauseating. Fix the DC universe once and for all and move on. BTW, the set needs work, guys. 3 guys on an ugly couch and surrounded by an ugly set? At least, put super-hero posters up in the background.

  9. VitaminxJR says:

    it’s not Batman. Batman don’t use guns. ever. and Batman can outrun the Omega thingie.

  10. Drammm says:

    I know you’re being metaphysical, but it really doesn’t apply to the reality of the situation.
    Darkseid is not an actual God. The New Gods are a race of highly evolved beings, with extremely complex technology that makes them seem like Gods.
    Evil just isn’t going to disappear without Darkseid around. There will still be muggings and villains and all sorts.

    also; Personally, I’m tired of this BatHAX crap. He may as well be superhuman. He’s not down to earth anymore.

  11. scottkicksyou says:

    It’s so weird they basically call the writer a five year old. Writers write in different styles to achieve different objectives. It’s what I find most exciting about writing. People think there’s a “right way” to write things, but it’s all theory, similar to science. Maybe, you should stick to more pedestrian fare.

  12. AllegroRubato says:

    Darkseid is the god of evil, and Batman killed him.
    Its a great way to go.

  13. AllegroRubato says:

    He could only die. Can’t people see? Batman KILLED DARKSEID the god of EVIL. He won. Batman defeated evil. Batman killed evil. That’s why FC andRIP are the same thing. A man with a gun. Only now the one dead is “the bad” itself.

    There’s no more need for Batman once evil is dead.
    It makes all the sense in the world.

  14. Araqnidm says:

    If you go back and re-read DCU #0 and Morrison’s Mister Miracle 4-part mini-series, and then you read FC all together, FC makes a lot more sense and actually shapes up to be a really great series. As for Morrison writing only the highlights, I had read somewhere that it was his goal to write this series as like the comic book equivalent to dance music, where everything is stripped down to only the interesting stuff.

  15. IHateWallyWest says:

    im sorry but if you think there gonna hand batman from the hands of grant morrison into geoff johns just so he can become part of the geoff johns green lantern trilogy your crazy. Grant morrison will be back in the summer to finish off the “Batman Epic” That he started with the less than stellar batman and son.

  16. SithHound says:

    Really, which issues?

  17. SithHound says:

    Really? Hm… who reads Youngblood?

  18. Lilsniffs109 says:

    Something just tells me Batman won’t stay dead.

    Almost all dead comic characters return sometime-Jason Todd, Green Arrow, etc.

  19. rmoonyose says:

    Batman is dead! At least until Blackest Night.

    I’ve also heard a great deal trying to connect the Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle miniseries to this moment in FC #6, but no matter whose opinion I read they always seem to overlook the fact that Batman’s SHRIVELED CHARRED CORPSE is trotted out at the very last page. No one is reliving laternate lives here, he’s friggin dead. DC’s out is Blackest Night where Batman will become a Black Lantern and not another of Morrison’s half-baked ideas.

  20. HPUzerGuy says:

    obama is in youngblood too

  21. IHateWallyWest says:

    get over it. While i do not belive final crisis has lived up to its promises overall issue six was phenominal. Grant morrison finally delivered on his promises of both a mary marvel VS supergirl slugfeastand the “Death of Batman”. Batman is Not dead by any means. Read the Seven Soldiers-Mister Miracle Specials and you will understand. The Omega Sanction Places its victim in a series of Traumatic and terible lives, each one worst that the last. Shilo Norman Escaped from it so will Bruce wayne.

  22. timeywimeylord says:

    Final Crisis #6 was terrible. Beyond belief terrible. How could Morrison let Batman die like that? HOW could he let him die?!

  23. nepadude says:


  24. eeeyan53 says:

    OK thats true but the vast majority of his time being published he was against guns and didn’t kill. Its become a part of the character otherwise he’s just a really rich version of the punisher or vigilante and so on only with better gadgets.

  25. 2b4r0k says:

    Don’t mean to sound all geeky and what-not but Bob Kane’s had a gun and killed lots of people with it. So Bat’s using a gun isn’t that foreign.

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