Legion, Avengers, Legacies – All #1’s!

Pete and Justin review Legion of Super-Heroes #1, Avengers #1 and DC Legacies #1!

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  1. cloudwalkerty says:

    im looking to start a comic book company how do i get started

  2. alienhunter94 says:

    Avengers #1 just didn’t really appeal to me at all, not gonna pick up next issue.

  3. Stepper11 says:

    I was excited about Legacies. When I saw it on the stand, I snapped it up it based on my love of the Golden Age of DC. Loved the art, and stories were involving, though the dialogue was a bit hackneyed at times. I was disappointed to find that it’s not going to be exclusively GA, though. Still, I’m on board for now.

  4. trencher7 says:

    At $4 a pop, I won’t be picking up Avengers #2. Kind of boring.

  5. Dreadpirate46 says:

    Pete, you don’t like newsies? You better not let Christian Bale hear that. I hear he gets violent. haha
    Great episode, guys. I might have to check out the last page of Avengers.

  6. captainstrangelife says:

    I love this comic, it has some real substance like the ones published during the so called Marvel Age. Your definitely getting your 4 bucks worth here although I would like to see a lower price on the books. Plenty of great art and a lot to read!

  7. captainstrangelife says:

    Not having a problem on my end, don’t think it’s the video.

  8. ozymandias26 says:

    “newsies are some of the most important people in history.” LOL

  9. PeteCBC says:

    So do we man, but you know what the cat poster says, hang in there.

  10. TuringMech says:

    Long live the LEGION 🙂

  11. ragnorrok says:

    pete’s unconscious joke: cap & recap—-steve rogers & bucky barnes

    i hope tommy lee jones is kang the conqueror

  12. dakenhowlett says:

    yaaa dc legacies. i ordered it on ebay. im picking it up cause i recently met wein at calgary and he signed my hulk 181 so i want to see what his dc writing is like.

  13. HotRodakaMadMax says:

    Avengers No. 1 would of been perfected with Ms. Marvel & Luke Cage added to the team.

  14. marvelfanboy22 says:

    what the hell is wrong with this video? Taken me ten minutes to watch a four minute video.

  15. ComicsCollected says:

    Hey Pete, thanks for replying on the last video about comic shops in NYC, I’m definitely going to do a whirlwind tour of as many places as I can hit. And I cannot wait to come see you guys live. Are you for sure doing live shows through September?

  16. oscaroonie says:

    man justin was really mad with paul levitz

  17. carnivalofsins0 says:

    Justin always looks like he has shoulder pads on. lol.

  18. GalacticGuardian says:

    Great time to jump into comics if you’re a new reader. Brightest Day and The Heroic Age, plus all of the awesome other titles being published, makes for good jumping on points in these stories.

  19. thescorp87 says:

    Was up in the air about picking picking up DCU: Legacies but I think I’ll check it out now. Thanks guys!

  20. xBrandonHexx says:

    good week for comics, however, all three titles you review are stinkers for me, for the most part. Legion was good, but I am confused cause I really dislike Earth Man.

  21. PimpNutz37 says:

    Justin is one funny mothafunka

  22. puklop says:


  23. puklop says:

    When I do goo,
    I feel Good;
    When I do bad,
    I feel bad.
    That’s My

  24. CRM2006 says:

    Avengers was a bore. Buncha guys standing around chatting (“Should we hit him?” “No, let’s just let him ramble on about the future for 8 pages.”). Legion of Super-Heroes, while the dialogue was a little stiff and the art at times was disjointed was much more enjoyable, though not really new-reader friendly. Count me in as wanting to see Matter-Eater Lad again. I also hope Superman (and maybe Supergirl) make appearances in the book down the road.

  25. deadkock says:

    I never read Legion of Superheros….I have no idea of this book while I’m reading it….

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