Sarah Addison Allen – Exclusive Video Interview

The author of the “Barnes & Noble Recommends” selection, Garden Spells, talks about her inspirations and writing for a genre she playfully calls “southern fried magical realism.” For more great book-centric videos, go to

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  1. Way2goful says:

    I am reading this book right now. I am reading it slow because it is so warm and inviting, and also captivating. I went to college in a small southern town and I could relate so well to the setting and characters.

  2. Iwasonceafairytale says:

    So far I’ve read three of SAA’s books and I’m buying Peach Keeper tomorrow because I love having something warm and bright (with some dark undertones) to read as it warms up (slowly) up North… I’m swept up in a southern fairy tale every time I read one of her works… Yay for Sarah Addison Allen.

  3. TheDaezy says:

    I didn’t like The Girl Who Chased The Moon… but I think that may have been influenced by the fact that it was mainly about a teenager and I hate reading books about teenagers now. When I was 12 I loved it, because it was something to look forward to, but now I’m at the age where I want to look forward to adulthood and can do so in part by reading about older women.

  4. kobbie4 says:

    Just finished Sugar Queen… and Loved it! Now I’ve read all 3 from this wonderful, creative writer. But I see there’s a new novella, In My Dreams. Is it in book form?
    I need to hold these books in my hands and feel the pages! Keep Writing, Ms. Allen!

  5. SHANGS112 says:

    just finish reading garden spells,,, its so magical,,,just love tyler and claire,, henry and sydney,,, and of course the apple tree…opps almost forgot bay,, =)

  6. MidnightRoses88 says:

    She’s an awesome writer I can’t wait for her next novel!

  7. turbojjr says:

    I have read both Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen and both were very great reads. I will read The Girl Who Chased The Moon next. Sarah Addison Allen is a great author!

  8. graham324ify says:

    I have read the book. It is a magical tale about romance, food, and much more. My favorite character was Claire. Read It!!!!!

  9. adelina2686 says:

    Loved Garden Spells. I don’t know what happened but I was in book store and suddenly I saw this book on the shelf. I read the review and thout “that must be interesting. Well, it did not dissapoint. I could not stop reading and finished it just in 2 days. Garden Spells is funny, excitind and charming novel. Magic is all around us. Thank you, Ms. Sarah Addison Allen!

  10. angelaurice says:

    i LOVE her book the sugar queen

  11. crazynightsinparis says:

    I absolutelly love this book.  🙂
    Has it been already adapted to a movie or something like that?

  12. MelodyofSnow says:

    she seems to be so nice! i LOVE her 2 books, there are only 2 out, yet, right? the whole fairytale theme is so great, just love it

  13. livegorgeouslygreen says:

    I love this book. I read it in one sitting and if I am willing to loose sleep to read that says loads for how good the book is.

  14. alfwynnxkioku says:

    Read it now, and The Sugar Queen.

  15. Kateyhall says:

    Loved Garden Spells!

  16. frcombi says:

    She is AMAZING!!

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