NEW Group of 16 Channels Featured on The Tactical Forum!

The Tactical Forum’s Featured Channels are back! Every few weeks we will cycle through a new group of 16 channels. To date – The Tactical Forum has: -Featured 200+ Channels -Compiled 71+ playlists (1200+ videos) in it’s resource center Check out the new group of Featured Channels: AmendmentNo2 Firearms Ballistics 2nd Amendment ArmyStinger150 Guns Knives Gear Survival awomansworld123 Guns Knives Gear Preparedness Glockgeist Firearms Instructional Book Reviews jdavis882 Knives Sharpening Reviews EDC Custom LbrtyNJustice4All Guns Knives Preparedness LockNReload Gear Firearm Reviews Shooting MakingMasterClass Shooting Sports Firearms Outdoors mixflip Guns Gear Reviews MyHollowpoint Rifles Pistols Shotguns Black Powder nobuzzkillin Firearms Knives Gear Training Gunsmithing Pheasant815 Pistol Rifle Shooting Reloading Outdoors RisArms Firearms Accessories ScoutsNOA Tactical Hammock Camping Awareness SurviveN2 Survival DIY Hiking Gear wingman115 Gear Reviews Firearms Knives Travel TheTactical Forum is a resource center for the YouTube Tactical Community. The forum gives exposure to new channels as well as established channels. Every week a group of channels will be highlighted in the “Featured Channels” section on the left

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