The Chieftains of South Boston

The Chieftains of South Boston How much are we defined by the place where we grow up? And how much can we defy those forces?For Matthew Mahoney, those questions are more than mere musings. They produce intense and dangerous results when he returns home to South Boston. Set in 1987, the story opens at Matthew's wedding. He left at the age of fifteen when the town was being turned upside down by school desegregation.His two older brothers never left. They are at the top of their respective games--politics and the Irish Mafia. Senator Jimmy Mahoney has stayed on the right side of the law. He is days away from becoming the next Senate president. It's a position equal to, sometimes trumping, the position of governor in the Massachusetts political power structure.On the wrong side of the law is Francis Mahoney. He has used his connections in the FBI to decimate his main competition--Boston's Italian Mafia. Francis has no plans to attend his youngest brother's wedding, a public event where his brother Jimmy will be present. However, Francis has just received news that he's going to be indicted.As different as the three Mahoney brothers are, one thing they have in common is how they feel about their father. Thomas 'Salty' Mahoney is a legendary figure in the world of South Boston politics, but he's never been popular with his three sons. At the wedding, family fireworks go off in a spectacular fashion, and it's Francis who lights the fuse. A knock-down, drag-out fight leads to threats. It all ends later that night with an incident that turns the city of Boston, then all of Massachusetts, into a state of unprecedented turmoil.What follows for the three Mahoney brothers is a nail-biting, seven-day odyssey. As a reader, you take a deep dive into the Boston underworld, and you're witness to one of the most dramatic events in the real-life history of Massachusetts state politics. The backdrop is the history and struggle of Irish Americans in South Boston. Driving the ten chapter novel is a plot that binds all three brothers' fates together. Their ultimate test--how to be loyal to family, to friends and to a place called home. Taking it beyond plot, The Chieftains of South Boston explores a question that has meaning for all of us: How much does the geography of our birth determine our destiny?

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